AperTUM Studierendeninitiative für Physikforschung

AperTUM Student Initiative for Physics Research

AperTUM is Recruiting!

Are you considering joining or do have a friend or relative who would make a valuable addition to the AperTUM team? Immediate openings are available in the areas of: [See Full Post]

  • Graphics Design
  • Human Relations
  • Materials Handling and Sciences
  • Physics, Theory
  • Physics, Experimental
  • Technical Drawing via SolidWorks
  • Administrative / Management
  • Radioactive Materials Handling
  • Facility Management
  • Biotechnology and,
  • any high technology expertise;

Please contact us at recruitment@apertum.org for further information. Provide a simple title of your desired position/ expertise even if it is not listed above.

The AperTUM Research Club is an equal opportunity employer.

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