AperTUM Studierendeninitiative für Physikforschung

AperTUM Student Initiative for Physics Research

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About Us

AperTUM is a Munich-based scientific research group appearing at the Technical University of Munich, as well as currently expanding into universities in the United States, Switzerland, and Turkey.

The main facility is the AperTUM Science Enrichment Center, located in Upper Bavaria, Munich.

They say great science is built on the shoulders of giants. Not here. At Aperture, we do all our science from scratch. No hand holding.

– Cave Johnson, an Advisor of AperTUM

AperTUM consists of like-minded people of all origins. Regardless of gender identity, race, country of origin, age and political viewpoint, we are committed to allow free reign of the ideas.

AperTUM is committed to excellence in innovation. Each research and experiment is thought out in a out-of-the-box manner and documented in the most meticulous way Design and results of the experiments are publicly and freely available

Our first goal is to build a particle accelerator. The aim is to facilitate the first ever proton/electron accelerator complex designed by students, built, by students, and made available for the student’s use.

We want to expand the public knowledge about particle physics, thereby abolishing the veil of “Danger” which is in result of mismanagement and scientific misconduct of our previous colleagues.

Our goal is to facilitate, host, and manage an international competition among STEM students to build a model particle accelerator. For this we need to prove that is absolutely possible and safe to build a particle accelerator given precautions and measures.

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  • AperTUM is Recruiting!

    AperTUM is Recruiting!

    Are you considering joining or do have a friend or relative who would make a valuable addition to the AperTUM team? Immediate openings are available in the areas of: [See Full Post] Please contact us at recruitment@apertum.org for further information. Provide a simple title of your desired position/ expertise even if it is not listed…

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  • Results of Previous Experiments

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